Beware! Nearly normal blood sugars can STILL kill

Most mainstream doctors will watch your cholesterol levels like a hawk and practically forget about everything else.

If you're not diabetic, they'll test your blood sugar once every year or so. But they won't really care about the number, as long as it falls within or even just above the "normal" range.

And that could be a fatal mistake.

Blood sugar plays a critical role in your health, even if you're not diabetic.

If your own blood sugar levels start creeping up, even if they're within the supposed normal range, it's time to get to work on bringing them back down -- because the latest research on 16,500 seniors shows how even slight elevations could turn deadly fast in heart failure patients.

You don't need me to tell you that heart failure is deadly enough on its own. If it strikes, there's a 50-50 chance you won't live five years.

And if your blood sugar levels hit 110 mg/dL when you suffer from acute heart failure, you're 26 percent more likely to die within a month.

That's not a high blood sugar level. And if you're above that -- higher, but still not quite high enough for diabetes -- you're actually 50 percent more likely to within a month of your heart failure, according to the study.

If you survive your heart failure, you're more likely to become diabetic and suffer from ongoing heart disease, according to the study.

Don't wait until the horse is out of the barn to get serious about your blood sugar. Take action now.

An easy way to bring blood sugar levels down quickly is to give up processed foods and make sure your carbohydrates are whole grains and other quality natural foods.

Losing a little weight will help, too.

Just remember that each measure -- whether it's blood sugar, cholesterol or anything else -- is only ONE piece of the puzzle. If you have a doc who only seems to care about cholesterol, it's time to visit someone who knows how to look at the big picture, including blood sugar levels even if you're not diabetic.

I recommend a holistic medical doctor.