Simple, drug-free regimen drops heart disease risk 35%

Big Pharma has wasted billions on the hunt for the "magic pill" -- a drug that can cut the risk of heart disease, prevent heart attacks, save lives and boost profits.

So far, they've only done a good job in one of those categories -- boosting profits.

They’re not done yet, of course, so expect more disaster drugs with minimal benefits, plenty of risks and a hefty price.

Well, I don't know about you, but I'm not going to wait for the next Frankenpill to roll off their line. Not when another study proves that the "magic pill" Big Pharma has been hunting for already exists -- I'm talking about a simple, pennies-a-day cure that could add years to your life and send your heart disease risk plummeting.

It's your simple, humble multivitamin with minerals.

That's right, a new study finds your basic collection of essential nutrients and key minerals can slash the risk of serious heart problems in women.

If you take a multivitamin with minerals every day for at least three years, your risk of heart disease will plunge by more than 35 percent, according to the study in the Journal of Nutrition.

The researchers were so stunned by the results that they went through the numbers again and again, using different statistical models each time. But no matter how many times they did it -- no matter how many adjustments they made -- they came up with the same results.

In fact, every single model found a reduction in heart risk of at least 35 percent.

And the benefits of multivitamins don't stop there. The same research team even found a couple years back that multis can cut the risk of cancer in men.

But let's stick to heart health for today -- because along with a multivitamin, there are other inexpensive supplements that are proven to work for men and women alike.

Magnesium literally keeps your heart beating. But because it takes up so much room in a pill, you won't find much in your multi -- so take a supplement. Fish oil, coenzyme Q10 and selenium are also proven to help prevent heart disease and heart attack.

And if you really want to up your game when it comes to your heart health, make the switch to a Mediterranean diet, proven to cut the risk of major cardiovascular events by nearly a third.

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