WARNING: Men -- treating your cold could send you to the ER!

When your nose starts running like it's training for the next marathon -- when you're so congested it feels like someone is squeezing your head -- it's tempting to try just about anything in exchange for a little relief.

But if you're suffering from benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH), there are two things you should never, ever do: Don't touch that decongestant... and don't even think about taking an antihistamine.

Those drugs might help dry your nose and take the pressure off your head, but they can also put the squeeze on you below the waistline.

The simple act of using the toilet, already difficult due to your BPH, could turn into an excruciating nightmare -- and for some men, the only solution is a trip to the ER and a painful catheter to drain the bladder.

Just thinking about it is enough to make you cringe!

The swelling from BPH of course means things are already getting tight down there, which is what makes it so difficult to urinate. But two common decongestants, pseudoephedrine and phenylephrine, can cause even MORE constriction cutting off the flow so you can't go even when your bladder feels like it's ready to burst, according to the new warning from the University of Chicago Medical Center.

Antihistamines can do a different type of damage, specifically to the bladder muscle, which can also lead to problems with urination.

Ready for the worst part? This isn't a risk that strikes with years, months or even week of use.

All it takes is a single dose.

The new warning urges men to seek treatment in the ER if they go six hours without urinating after taking one of these drugs, but why even risk it at all?

Stick to natural cold remedies instead. Zinc, for example, can help chase your cold away and even improve your prostate health. (Just don't take too much, as too much can be as bad as too little).

Many men's support formulas already contain just the right amount of zinc for both the prostate and immune system along with saw palmetto and other proven natural remedies for BPH.

And for more natural solutions for prostate support, reach for this free report from my colleagues at the Health Sciences Institute.