ACTION ALERT: Your right to take supplements under serious threat!

If you can't be right, at least be loud. If you want to see a living, breathing embodiment of that wrong-headed philosophy, just take a look at the bully who calls himself the attorney general of New York.

His state is home to escalating crime... unparalleled pubic corruption, with one of the state's top lawmaker hauled off in handcuffs... and brazen Wall Street crooks who think they can buy their way out of any problem.

But what's keeping New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman up at night?

Herbal supplements!

Schneiderman was just forced to admit that the GNC supplements he ordered off the store's shelves in February DID follow the FDA guidelines. Those supplements are headed back to stores right now, as I write this, with ZERO changes in the ingredients or how they're made.

In a concession that allows Schneiderman to save a little face, GNC agreed to test them more often and post some information about how its remedies are made.

But make no mistake about it: This is a huge embarrassment to Schneiderman. His best move would be to apologize for his ridiculous antics and turn his attention to real crime, or at least keep quiet and hope it goes away. But if you think that's what's happening you don't know politicians very well.

Instead, he's getting loud.

Schneiderman and 13 of his fellow publicity-seeking attorneys general are now making a show of calling on Congress to force the FDA to take action against herbal supplements.

He won't spell out what kind of action he wants. But reading between the lines, it seems he wants supplements to go through the same billion-dollar approvals process as drugs -- an unnecessary process that would doom the remedies you rely on.

Natural remedies can't be patented and sold at a huge markup, so going through the astronomically expensive approvals process wouldn't be worthwhile for anyone.

But while herbals may not go through the same process as drugs, many of these safe and natural remedies are backed by multiple high-quality "gold-standard" studies, and some have more research behind them than many of today's best-selling drugs.

And unlike drugs, natural supplements have an unparalleled safety record. You're almost 500 times more likely to be hurt by a drug than a supplement, according to government numbers cited by the Alliance for Natural Health.

And despite the misinformation campaign being delivered by Schneiderman -- and others like him -- I assure you the FDA already has all the power it needs to regulate supplements. The agency can pull anything from the market at any time if there are safety concerns or other issues, a power it hasn't been shy about using (usually over shoddy and adulterated convenience-store supplements from China).

So no matter how much Schneiderman and his cronies shout from their newly erected soapbox, they'll just be loud AND wrong.

It's time we make some noise of our own: Time to raise our own voices and stand up to this bully. Contact your lawmakers and demand they stand up for your right to continue to take safe and natural supplements.

The Alliance for Natural Health has a letter you can sign right here, and one click of the button will send it off to your representatives in Washington.