Homeopathy trounces Big Pharma in menopause study

You've heard it before. The mainstream medicine mantra that homeopathic remedies are so heavily diluted that what's left is "just water" and "can't possibly work."

But the truth is while that dilution does make them safe it DOESN'T make them ineffective, and new research proves it once and for all -- because homeopathic medicine has just flat-out beaten a drug in a groundbreaking clinical trial.

The study focused on 133 women battling menopause symptoms, especially hot flashes and depression, and put homeopathic remedies up against both a placebo and the SSRI antidepressant fluoxetine (aka Prozac) often given to women with those symptoms.

The fluoxetine did just what I would expect: almost nothing. There was no improvement in hot flashes, and only a modest improvement in depression.

The homeopathic treatments -- which were created individually according to each woman's symptoms -- on the other hand, delivered real results, beating both the placebo and the drug. They helped improve hot flashes, and even improved depression scores better than the antidepressant drug.

The mainstream has struggled to understand homeopathy, and because they can't understand it, they've dismissed it at every turn.

But they're going to have a hard time dismissing it now, because this study was perfectly designed.

See, in most studies designed by the mainstream, everyone is given the same remedies. They get the same drug... the same placebo... and the same homeopathic treatment.

That's how one-size-fits-all medicine works, but that's NOT how homeopathy works.

There are often dozens of possible homeopathic remedies for any given condition, each one based on the cause and the specific symptoms. If your hot flashes come with throbbing in the head, for example, then you want homeopathic belladonna.

But if your misery is marked by hot flashes that strike even when you feel chilly, then the answer might be homeopathic calcarea carbonica.

Take the wrong one, and you might not have any improvement at all. Get the right one, and it could be a life-changing treatment, as the new study clearly shows.

Since these remedies are safe, you can feel free to do a little homework and then try the ones you think are best for you. But if you're having a hard time finding the right one, speak to a holistic doctor experienced in homeopathic remedies.

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