ACTION ALERT: FDA's underhanded sneak attack on homeopathy

Right now, as you read this, a bunch of know-nothing Washington bureaucrats are conspiring to rob you of your right to use one of the safest and most effective forms of medicine in existence.

Today, the FDA is finishing off two days of meetings on homeopathic remedies -- and trust me, they're not talking about how much they love the stuff, its proven benefits or its incredible track record of safety.

They're meeting to talk about "regulatory framework," which is code for putting ridiculous restrictions on a form of medicine that's backed by science, used by millions and that has never hurt a single person.

The meeting is not quite being held in secret, but it may as well be. While it's technically a public hearing, they've done nothing beyond the minimum to publicize it.

For an agency that often schedules meetings months in advance, this one was hurriedly added to the calendar just three weeks ago -- as if they're trying to sneak this through as quickly and quietly as possible.

The main argument against homeopathy is this: It "shouldn't work"... therefore it can't work. And if they are truly confident in that belief, they should use well-designed clinical trials to prove it.

Instead, critics routinely resort to stunts -- and the FDA is no doubt talking about those antics right now. In some cases, malcontents swallow entire bottles of homeopathic remedies and when they don't get sick or drop dead, they claim their clownish capers are "proof" that it's not real medicine.

Isn't it twisted that people now believe the defining feature of medicine is that it has to hurt you?

All those antics actually prove is that homeopathy is SAFE, and it is. There's not a single case of someone being hurt by a true homeopathic remedy.

But there's a reason they resort to stunts: They don't have science on their side. The science proves homeopathy works -- including a rigorous study I shared with you just last week that proved homeopathic remedies are more effective at easing depression and hot flashes in women suffering from menopause than one of the most commonly used drugs.

There's also evidence homeopathic remedies work for asthma, allergies, pain and even infection.

But I bet you won't hear about any of that at the FDA meeting.

Instead, you'll hear ominous talk about how homeopathy is "unregulated." They'll do their best to make it sound as if these safe and proven remedies are thrown together in some shady back room and then shipped off to stores with no oversight.

In reality, homeopathic remedies have to go through a pre-market approval process. Manufacturers have to show clinical evidence that it works via a monograph from the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States.

And of course, all formulas have to be made in line with current Good Manufacturing Practices.

Will every remedy work for everyone? No. But that's true of all forms of medicine, including Big Pharma drugs and natural therapies. The fact is, homeopathic remedies have worked for many -- and if you want to make sure they remain available to you, it's time to take action.

The Alliance for Natural health has a letter you can sign that will be sent to Dr. Stephen Ostroff, acting commissioner of the FDA. Please take a look at it, and if you agree, add your name.