Drug-free therapy could FINALLY silence the ring of tinnitus

The constant ringing, buzzing or humming is enough to drive even the most even-keeled person to their breaking point.

I'm talking, of course, about tinnitus. And if you're a sufferer I don't need to tell you you'd do just about anything to make those mystery noises stop once and for all.

It's estimated that some 30 percent of seniors are living with the constant ringing in the ears that marks tinnitus. Yet most docs "treat" the condition by doing nothing at all -- telling you you'll just have to learn to live with it.

Well, my friend if your own doc has left you high and dry I've got good news. He's flat out wrong. There are safe and effective ways to turn the volume down on tinnitus and in some cases even shut it off, and promising new research has revealed yet one more.

It's called transcranial magnetic stimulation, or TMS.

It looks a little like a high-tech magic wand, and it kind of works like one, too, as a doc waves it around your head to deliver safe magnetic pulses to your brain.

But unlike that wand, it's not magic that's at work here. It's pure science, because TMS is already proven to help treat or beat depression, headaches, neuropathic pain and more.

And now, you can add tinnitus to that list -- because the new study finds that 10 days of TMS treatment is more than TWICE as effective as a sham therapy in patients with the toughest form of the condition.

What really stunned the researchers is not just that it worked. It's that six months later, the benefits were even bigger, with two-thirds of the TMS patients ultimately reporting relief.

For some, it was the first relief they've had in years.

While it's certainly encouraging, it's also expensive. At between $200 and $400 a session, 10 treatments in 10 days gets pricey fast.

It might be worth it if you're at your wit's end -- but don't shell out the cash until you've given my affordable tried-and-true cures for tinnitus a shot first.

First, eliminate everything that could cause or worsen tinnitus such as alcohol, cigarettes, caffeine and certain medications (be sure to work with your doc on that last one).

And second, since the most common cause of tinnitus is poor circulation in the inner ear, try a blood-flow boosting supplement such as pine bark extract, ginkgo biloba or vinpocetine.

Those therapies are surprisingly effective for tinnitus and, at just a few bucks a bottle, they're a whole lot cheaper than TMS.