Eat away prostate cancer using this delicious diet secret

Sometimes, the best treatment is no treatment at all.

Docs don't like to admit this, because they don't get paid to NOT treat. But even for supposed "killer" diseases such as cancer, sometimes you're better off leaving it alone.

Case in point: prostate cancer.

The tumor itself is often harmless. The treatments, on the other hand, can leave behind infection, incontinence, impotence and more.

That's why the best approach isn't to rush into treatment. It's to keep tabs on the cancer so it can be treated only if it becomes more aggressive. And when you load your plate up with the right foods you can help ensure that your harmless tumor remains that way.

New research confirms that one of the best eating plans of all -- a diet that already allows you to chow down on many of your favorite foods -- can help stop prostate cancer in its tracks.

And when you stick to this eating plan not only will you feel full and satisfied... you'll also be helping to make sure that you never need drugs, surgery or radiation and the life-wrecking side effects that come along for the ride.

It's the Mediterranean diet, of course, the healthy eating lifestyle already proven to help with weight loss and to slash your risk of heart attack and stroke.

In just three months, "going Mediterranean" can reduce the DNA damage caused by prostate cancer, according to the study out of New Zealand.

The men who took part were asked to limit their red meat to about a pound a week and cut back on dairy. Instead, they ate more fish and poultry as well as fresh veggies and legumes. They were also told to drink some green tea.

According to the researchers, the closer they stuck to the diet, the less DNA damage they suffered.

And if you've got prostate cancer, that's exactly what you want -- because limiting that damage can mean the difference between a tumor that needs a risky treatment and one that can be left alone indefinitely.

But don't wait until you have cancer to go Mediterranean. Start now, and you could avoid the disease in the first place. This diet is rich in a powerful natural compound called apigenin. Apigenin shuts down cancer cells so they die naturally instead of growing and spreading, making it perfect for both patients who have the disease... and those who want to make sure they never get it.