Chemo pushed on dying patients despite no benefits

There's nothing that makes me madder than a sick patient exploited by mainstream medicine.

But it seems the sicker you are, the more they'll exploit you -- and if you're dying, they'll run you through the wringer, trying to get as much money as they can out of you before you head off to meet your maker.

Now, new research shows how mainstream oncologists aren't only robbing dying cancer patients blind with these unnecessary treatments. They're also robbing them of quality days at a time when they don't have many of those left.

Oncologists who deliver the grim news of a "six months to live" prognosis to an end-stage cancer patient almost always recommend more chemo.

There's never been much evidence to support chemo for terminal patients. Heck, even in ideal conditions, chemo can often be a bad choice.

But when you're dying, they'll insist that it's your "last chance."

As the new study shows, it's a last chance all right... just not yours. It's THEIR last chance to bill you for that extra round of chemo.

All that "last chance" round of chemo will do is cause your quality of life to deteriorate even more than if the cancer had just been left to run its course, according to the study of 312 patients.

It doesn't save lives. It doesn't extend lives. In only ruins them faster.

And in a terrible irony, the folks who might be most tempted to believe that chemo will work -- dying patients who are still relatively vibrant despite the cancer -- actually suffer the biggest decline in quality of life.

That means more pain and more misery in your final weeks, when you're just hoping for a few quality moments in the company of friends and loved ones.

Every cancer -- and every cancer patient -- is different, and only you and those you trust can decide if chemo is worth it for you. But if you're fighting an aggressive cancer and your own oncologist has given you bleak news, maybe it's time to consider a new approach. In many cases, natural therapies such as intravenous vitamin C can kill off aggressive cancers.

Even during end-stage cancer, intravenous C has been shown to reduce fatigue and improve quality of life instead of wrecking it.

Your oncologist won't offer intravenous C. Odds are, he won't even mention it -- so seek the advice of a holistic medical doctor experienced in natural cancer therapies.

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