Natural testosterone therapy once again proven safe

Call it life's great sucker punch.

Once you reach middle age gents, you need your testosterone more than ever. But like Lucy yanking away the football from Charlie Brown, your body pulls away from testosterone production in the amounts you need right when you need it most.

And as those levels plunge, you end up battling many of the problems we often blame on aging: weight gain... low energy... mood problems... memory loss... and, of course, sexual dysfunction.

Men across the country have been able to overcome all of those problems and more and get back into fighting shape thanks to natural testosterone therapy.

But many others have been afraid to get the help they need.

They're afraid because of an endless chain of dire warnings from the FDA, including one last year that claimed testosterone therapy can cause a venous thromboembolism, aka a clot (usually in the lung or the leg).

There are no actual studies to back this up, just a couple of case reports -- yet the agency ordered a warning anyway leaving men sure that topping off their hormones would likely kill them.

Can you believe this? Drugs can -- and do -- kill people, often, and the feds barely take notice. But when a natural therapy threatens those drugs, the FDA springs into action with a baseless campaign of blatant fear-mongering.

Now, a major new study confirms just what I've told my own concerned patients: Testosterone therapy doesn't cause blood clots.

This one doesn't leave any room for debate, either. It was a large-scale study involving more than 30,000 men, and covering the three main ways testosterone therapy is delivered: injection, patches and creams.

And it found no increase in the risk of blood clots from any of them.

If you're waiting for the FDA to retract its warning... well, don't hold your breath.

The agency still claims it's "investigating" a supposed link between testosterone therapy and heart risk despite multiple studies that prove this essential hormone therapy will actually prevent those heart problems.

Yes, testosterone therapy won't hurt you. But missing out because of an FDA warning? That could kill you.

So don't give into the agency's fear tactics. If you've been suffering from the mid-life blues, or if you a little older and everything seems to be falling apart at once, seek the help of a doctor who can test your hormone levels.

Not every man who needs testosterone needs actual testosterone supplementation. Weight loss and dietary changes can stimulate the body into producing more on its own, as can a number of safe and natural supplements.

If you need more help, speak to a holistic medical doctor.