Common olive oil can improve blood sugar and cholesterol

It's one of the simplest ways yet to dramatically improve your health and ward off chronic disease: take all the vegetable oils in your home -- the soybean oil, safflower oil, canola oil, "salad oil" and whatever else you have -- and toss it right in the trash.

Replace them all with the one oil you really do need: extra virgin olive oil.

Whether it's for cooking or drizzling on your salad, you won't find a better-tasting oil. More importantly, you won't find a healthier oil, either, because EVOO has proven time and again to help protect the heart.

Now, new research has revealed just one of the many reasons olive oil is so good for your ticker: It can help normalize your cholesterol, slash your levels of deadly triglycerides and control blood sugar -- and it can do all that after a single meal.

Talk about fast-acting!

In the study, 25 healthy volunteers were given a blood test followed by a Mediterranean meal made with either two teaspoons of corn oil or two teaspoons of extra virgin olive oil.

Then, they had their blood drawn again.

Everyone of course sees a spike in blood sugar after a meal, but bigger spikes are what set the stage for insulin resistance and, ultimately, diabetes.

The folks who got EVOO had much smaller bumps in their post-meal blood sugar levels -- along with lower levels of triglycerides and lower levels of two kinds of LDL cholesterol.

Of course, this isn't exactly new.

Decades ago, as the first generation of cholesterol meds were being tested, researchers found the folks given a placebo in clinical trials were doing just as well if not better.

And I'll bet you can guess what was in those placebos.

Yes, olive oil!

At that point they should've tossed the drugs and just told everyone to take olive oil instead... but of course the drug industry doesn't work that way. They replaced the placebo instead, got their drugs approved and started collecting big money for them.

But who needs medication when you can just use some olive oil instead?

The only downside is making sure you get what you pay for -- because believe it or not, there's rampant fraud in the olive oil market. Some shady manufacturers have been caught red-handed blending olive oil with cheaper and less healthy oils and selling it as pricey extra-virgin olive oil.

Learn more, and get some tips on how to protect yourself, in this free report from my House Calls archives.