Hormones help keep your bones from snapping like twigs

Here's one straight from the Department Of No Kidding: A new study finds hormones can help protect the bones of older women.

Since the hormonal imbalances that strike after menopause are one of the main reasons women are prone to thinning bone and osteoporosis in the first place, of course restoring hormone levels can help protect those bones.

There are several hormones that are critical to bone health, but the new research focused on just one.

It's called growth hormone, and the study of older women with osteoporosis finds that it can cut the risk of bone breaks in half -- and not just during the treatment itself.

The protection can last for years.

While the women in the study were given hormone injections for three years, the lower risk of bone breaks extended for a decade when compared to women given a placebo.

None of the popular bone drugs out there are even remotely as effective. None of them can safely cut the risk of fractures in half -- and some can actually increase your risk of breaking the very bones they're supposed to protect, especially with long-term use.

This new study gets even better, too, because it also included a group of older women without osteoporosis. They weren't given hormones or a placebo, but were tracked as a control group.

In that same decade, the rate of fractures among these women quadrupled.

In fact, the overall rate of bone breaks was actually higher in women without osteoporosis who received no growth hormone than in women who had the condition and were given the injections.

That's not just protection. That's an incredible level of protection -- and that's only the beginning, because growth hormone is just one piece of the puzzle.

Hormone balance in older women includes making sure you have the right levels of thyroid hormone, DHEA, estrogen and even testosterone.

Yes, ladies, testosterone may be nicknamed the "manly" hormone... but you need it, too!

If you have osteoporosis -- or if you're at risk for the condition -- visit a holistic medical doctor who can check the levels of all your essential hormones and restore balance naturally if you're falling short.

And if you're past menopause, odds are you're falling short in at least some of these essentials.

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