Research reveals millions given dangerous unnecessary drugs

Mainstream docs love to talk about "evidence-based medicine" as if just uttering that empty phrase magically makes a drug safe and effective.

Truth is, there's not a lot of evidence behind what they do, especially when it comes to those drugs.

And now, the latest research finds that older seniors are being medicated in frightening numbers based on no evidence at all.

A third of Americans over the age of 79 who have no history of heart problems have been put on statins despite the fact that even mainstream guidelines say these folks shouldn't be on cholesterol meds.

This isn't just wrong. It's downright dangerous -- and has the potential to ruin lives, or even end them.

One of the most common and notorious risks of statin use is muscle pain. In some cases, the pain is so severe it's crippling even in healthy younger adults.

In someone in his 80s, that muscle pain could limit mobility, stop him from getting the light daily movements he needs for good health, keep him homebound or even cause a fall that could lead to hospitalization, institutionalization or death.

That muscle pain isn't just muscle pain, either. It's a warning sign of a deficiency in coenzyme Q10, a nutrient essential to the heart.

These older folks didn't have heart problems before they started on the drugs -- but they very well might end up with some afterward!

Statins are also known to cause memory loss so severe it can mimic dementia in some folks. In the elderly who are often already coping with at least some level of cognitive problems, that can have life-ruining consequences.

It could even lead to a false dementia diagnosis -- and that, in turn, can lead to drugs and institutionalization.

All because of a med they never should've been given in the first place.

I don't prescribe statins myself to patients of any age because the risks are just too great -- and in many cases, they bring cholesterol down to dangerously low levels.

Despite its nickname, you actually need "bad" cholesterol for everything from immune system support to the transportation of fat-soluble nutrients throughout your body.

There are much better and safer ways to ensure healthy cholesterol and cut your risk of heart disease at any age. Work closely with a holistic medical doctor who can come up with a plan that's right for you.