Important heart warning for hip or knee surgery patients

Show me a senior who's had a knee or hip replacement, and I'll show you someone living in disappointment -- because more times than not, those surgeries don't deliver on the promise of less pain and more movement.

Surgeons know it, too.

They know only certain patients are ideal candidates for the surgery. They offer it to just about everyone else anyway because they make tons of money off it: Last year, Medicare spent $7 billion just on hospitalization costs related to knee and hip replacements.

But the real risk isn't money, and it's not even the disappointment -- because new research shows you could end up paying the ultimate price for your new knee or hip -- your very life.

These surgeries can trigger a heart attack, especially in the days and weeks right after the procedure as the strain from the drugs and anesthesia and the stress of the surgery itself take a toll on the body.

In the first 30 days after a total knee replacement, your risk of a heart attack jumps by 800 percent when compared to folks who don't have the surgery.
And in the first month after a hip replacement, that risk jumps by 400 percent, according to the study in the journal Arthritis & Rheumatology.

And after that you're STILL not out of the woods. While the heart risk normalizes after that all-important first month, the surgery also comes with a risk of a blood clot in the lung or veins... and that risk lasts for years.

But what's so outrageous here isn't just that the risk exists. It's that the entire industry has been trying to cover it up for years.

When researchers have studied the link between knee and hip replacement surgery and heart risk in the past, they've ignored the damning data from that all-important first month.

They're all protecting that $7 billion gravy train. Even now, with the true risks finally revealed, "experts" who are of course part of the industry are urging seniors to get the surgery anyway.

Don't fall for it, my friend. This kind of surgery should be an absolute last resort, after you've tried the non-invasive and nondrug therapies that have helped many to overcome the pain and mobility problems.

In most cases, however, you'll find you won't need that surgery after all.

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