Surviving cancer could be as simple as taking this one easy step

There's nothing like a cancer diagnosis to change your frame of reference.

The list of what's important shrinks suddenly and dramatically down to just two items: your loved ones... and your survival.

Forget work. Forget how badly your football team is doing. You might even forget the lawn and let it get all overgrown and weedy -- but maybe you shouldn't be so quick to let that last one go.

As it turns out, taking care of your lawn could play an important role in keeping you alive.

Yard work is one of the best ways to stay active -- because as every homeowner knows, there's ALWAYS something in the yard that needs some work.

When you have cancer, staying active isn't just something you probably should consider doing, it's actually one of the keys to staying alive, that's been proven time and time again.

But new research goes even further. This new review of 70 studies shows how big a difference even a little bit of regular activity can make.

A simple daily walk -- just a stroll around the neighborhood for 20 minutes a day -- can cut your risk of dying from your cancer by 13 percent.

That's welcome news if you're trying to fight off the energy-sapping side effects of mainstream cancer treatments, when some days a short walk is just about the only activity you can muster.

If you've got a little more energy, then step it up a little -- because the study in the British Journal of Sports Medicine finds that moderate activity will double the benefit, slashing your risk of death by 27 percent.

"Moderate" doesn't mean pushing yourself to the limit either, and it certainly doesn't mean going crazy in a gym.

Just that yard work I mentioned earlier, or an active hobby such as swimming, jogging or bicycling, should do the trick.

Ready for the best part? It doesn't matter if you've never run any further than the mailbox before. What matters most is how active you are AFTER you get that cancer diagnosis.

So if you're fighting this disease, consider daily activity to be the most important weapon in your arsenal -- because it won't cost you a dime, and it comes with no side effects.

Play your cards right, and you'll be around to keep doing the yard work for years to come.

Who knows, after a big cancer scare, you might even find that you're happy about doing it.