Boost your mood AND memory with this simple supplement

When you think of mental health, you think of brain health -- but the fact is, the REAL key to beating anxiety, stress, depression and more is often a whole lot lower down.

It’s in your belly!

Your gut bacteria play a key role in your mood and memory -- but they have a hard time doing the job when they’re under constant assault.

Poor diet, antibiotics (including antibiotics hidden in food) and even chemicals in the water can all kill off essential gut bacteria, leaving you high and dry when it matters most.

No wonder more people than ever are battling stress and anxiety problems!

Fortunately, you can give your gut bacteria some badly needed reinforcements in the form of a probiotic, and the latest research shows how these supplements can help you fight off stress and anxiety and even improve your memory.

Specifically, a probiotic strain called Bifidobacterium longum can cut your levels of stress and anxiety over a month when compared to a placebo, according to the study.

And while the patients reported improvements based on a psychological questionnaire, the study also confirms that these anxiety sufferers weren’t just feeling a little better.

Blood tests backed up what the patients reported in that questionnaire, showing lower levels of the “stress hormone” cortisol.

That’s in line with a study I shared with you in 2013 that found that taking B. longum and another probiotic, Lactobacillus helveticus, can ease stress levels in seniors in just three weeks.

The new study goes even further, also looking at the effects on memory -- and finds folks did better on tests when they were taking the supplement than they did while on a placebo.

There is one trick with probiotics, however, and that’s in making sure you get the right stuff. It’s not as easy as simply taking a supplement that says “probiotic” on the label because many contain strains that are absolutely worthless.

Look for one with B. longum, the strain used in the new study. I not only recommend this one to my own patients, I even take it myself -- and don’t stop there. Make sure your supplement also contains other human-tested strains such as L. rhamnosus and L. acidophilus.

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