Sail through the holidays stress free with this Russian remedy

It’s just two days before Thanksgiving, and you probably have the turkey ready for the oven, the pies already made and everything planned out perfectly, right?

Of course you don’t!

Out in the real world we’re not all “Martha Stewart living.” We’re all juggling a million things at once -- and sometimes, what should be a relaxing holiday meal turns out to be anything but.

Yes, it’s a wonderful time of year, but it comes with some stress and anxiety.

And if you’re battling that stress yourself, I want you to do two things.

First, take a breather and remember what this entire season is all about. It’s about family, friends and faith -- not about serving the perfect holiday dinner, and certainly not about the high-pressure consumerism that inevitably follows Thanksgiving and doesn’t let up until Christmas.

And second, if you find it’s all really starting to wear on you, try some natural stress-busting therapies.

Now, just in time for Thanksgiving, a new study spots a safe and natural remedy that can get over the holiday hump and help ease the pressure and anxiety so you can sail right through to New Year’s Eve stress free.

It’s called Rhodiola rosea, an herbal remedy that’s been used as a medicinal plant in Russia for hundreds of years, and in the new study it was given to some folks with the highest levels of stress you can imagine: college kids.

Think planning a holiday dinner for 12 is tough? Try facing finals week all over again!

But in the space of just two weeks, 200 mg of Rhodiola rosea taken twice a day cut their levels of anxiety and stress while also helping to ease anger, fight confusion and improve overall mood.

This is hardly surprising to me. As I explained in my book “The Natural Physician’s Healing Therapies,” R. rosea is backed by nearly 200 studies since the 1960s. It appears to act as an adaptogen inside the body, improving resistance to physical, mental and emotional stress all at once.

And that’s not all it can do.

Studies have shown Rhodiola rosea can also help boost memory and concentration, and give you a quick burst of energy without the jittery side effects of caffeine and energy drinks.

For a little more help getting through the holidays, try supplements with the probiotic bacteria Bifidobacterium longum. As I shared with you earlier this month, B. longum can cut levels of stress, including levels of the stress hormone cortisol, and is especially effective in seniors.

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