You won’t believe what you’re really drinking

One of the healthiest changes you could make is giving up soft drinks and switching to water.

But those eight glasses a day…and the water you use to make coffee and tea…might contain more than you bargained for when you made the switch.

If it’s anything like the water that’s flowing through our nation’s rivers, it’s swimming with drugs, chemicals, and other waste – including hormones. And a new study shows just how bad it’s gotten.

The study found that fish in 19 rivers in the Northeast have begun taking on characteristics of BOTH genders, with up to 85 percent of male smallmouth bass and 27 percent of male largemouth bass missing their testes…and having eggs instead.

This is not, in case you’re wondering, normal fish behavior.

The scientists say they’re not 100 percent certain why this gender-bending is happening. But based on unequivocal results of prior studies on the effects of estrogen exposure to fish, they’re pretty sure it’s from traces of hormone drugs such as birth control pills and other meds that get flushed out as wastewater.

And if it’s not the actual hormones themselves, it could be endocrine-disrupting chemicals, pesticides, and other toxins that end up contaminating our natural water supply from agricultural runoff.

Yes, water is treated before it winds up back at the tap, but you’d be shocked to learn just how much treatment leaves behind. Most contaminants pass right through. Heck, many aren’t even tested for – because the EPA regulates fewer than 100 of the thousands of contaminants turning up in U.S. drinking water.

That means your water could pass EVERY safety standard with flying colors but still contain dangerous drugs and chemicals.

A 2013 study found at least 18 unregulated chemicals in the tap water from districts covering a third of the country – including an antidepressant, an herbicide, a metal, two solvents, an antibacterial compound, caffeine, and 11 perfluorinated compounds.

That’s not WATER – it’s chemical soup!

Don’t get me wrong: You should be drinking water. Your cells need a lot of it to stay healthy and do their jobs. But to keep yourself hormone-free, you should filter the water you drink.

One of those cheapo supermarket filters won’t do the trick. You need to call in the big guns and invest in either a water distiller or a reverse-osmosis system – because while your water might LOOK fine and TASTE clean, in reality it’s anything but.

A water distiller will set you back a couple hundred bucks and sits on your kitchen counter, where you will have to fill it regularly with tap water. A reverse-osmosis filter will cost you a little bit more – you can get either a smaller one to go under your sink or a larger unit that you can connect where the water enters your home.

If you’ve got leftover meds (hormones or otherwise), don’t flush them down the toilet. Take them to a pharmacy or other medical care facility that’s authorized to accept them and that can keep them out of your drinking water.