Don't let this early morning shortcut kill you

The world expects a lot from us, but we tend to expect even more from ourselves. We’re always striving for that next step that makes us better, faster, stronger…

Even in your everyday life – it can feel so satisfying when you figure out the “back way” to avoid traffic…the perfect parking spot…or the quickest route in and out of the grocery store on a busy Saturday afternoon.

I’m here to tell you, though, that efficiency is one thing, but there are some corners in life you should NEVER try to cut.

Especially one common shortcut millions of people take to lose weight: skipping breakfast.

New research shows that skipping breakfast can have disastrous consequences. Folks who routinely skip breakfast have a higher risk of heart disease and are 20 percent more likely to suffer a stroke – including one of the DEADLIEST types of stroke: brain hemorrhages.

Brain hemorrhages are already more common in the morning, and often strike as blood pressure jumps. Eating breakfast (especially a healthy breakfast) will help keep those a.m. BP levels down.

Skipping it, on the other hand, can cause those levels to soar – and if you already have other risk factors for a brain hemorrhage, that BP jump could be the trigger that unleashes it.

In other words, skipping breakfast is a short cut all right – a short cut to the grave!

Fact is, it’s not even very good for weight loss as studies show that folks who skip breakfast not only eat more at lunch, but they eat less healthy lunches, too.

I know it’s tempting to hold out until lunchtime so you cut the calories of a whole meal, but don’t give in to that temptation as new research shows how missing out on breakfast regularly comes with a high price.

When you want to lose weight – and who doesn’t? – the first thing you do is start looking for THINGS you can cut out of your diet, not entire MEALS.

So long, dessert… goodbye, Starbucks… and farewell, soda. Never needed any of you anyway!

Cut the excess calories… cut the sugar… and cut the processed foods…But don’t cut breakfast!

Losing weight and staying healthy doesn’t just mean giving something up.