Cut your diabetes risk while you sleep

Try to imagine for a moment what would happen if the trashman decided he was going to clock out early every morning after only doing half his route.

The neighborhood would be a wreck before long!

Inside your body, you’ve got a trashman of your own who works while you’re asleep. He hauls out your toxins and even carries out essential repairs on the cellular level.

But the moment you wake up, he’s off the clock. And just like the neighborhood that never gets a complete trash pickup, If you wake up too early, your body will be a wreck and you’ll face a higher risk of heart disease, dementia and more.

And now, new research links poor sleep to another risk: diabetes.

Poor sleep isn’t just too little sleep. There’s also poor quality of sleep (such as waking up frequently) as well as snoring and sleep apnea.

Any single one of those conditions alone will boost your risk of diabetes by 45 percent, according to the new study published in the journal Diabetologia. But many folks suffer from more than one sleep problem – and the study finds that the more of those problems you have, the higher the risk climbs.

If you have all four of those sleep problems, your risk of diabetes quadruples, according to the study of more than 133,000 women.

While the study focused on women, poor sleep is also a risk factor for diabetes in men.

The new study doesn’t show the reason for the link, but it’s pretty clear by now that a good night of sleep is essential to proper rest and rejuvenation, so your body can clear out toxins, repair itself, and reset its hormones – including the ones that help control your metabolism.

Of course, sleep is just one risk factor for diabetes, and it’s not even the biggest one. The most important factor of all is what you eat – and let’s face facts here: If you eat junk, you can sleep like a baby and still get diabetes.

So make sure you eat right, too. A healthy diet will prevent diabetes and – bringing this full circle – eating right will even help you sleep better, too.

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