Natural duo helps beat back "brain shrink"

Believe it or not, as you read this, your brain might actually be getting smaller. And it’s not because you gave up trying to solve the crossword in the Times…and it’s not even because you’ve been spending more time on Facebook than with your nose in a book.

If you’re like most seniors, you might not be getting enough of one of the most effective natural weapons in the battle to protect your brain: Vitamin B12.

For years now, I’ve been telling you how B vitamins have been proven to protect memory and slow the “brain shrink” that marks cognitive decline – even if you’re ALREADY showing the early warning signs of dementia.

And now, the latest research shows how to transform these already-powerful nutrients into brain-boosting superstars.

All you have to do is increase your omega-3 intake.

In the new study, 266 seniors with MCI were given either a placebo or a B complex with folic acid, B6 and B12. They also had blood tests to check their levels of the omega-3 fatty acids DHA and EPA.

Two years later, folks given the B complex had little to no improvement when compared to those on a placebo IF they had low levels of those fatty acids.

But folks with high EPA and DHA levels saw major changes, with improvements on tests of both thinking and memory.

These essential fats found mostly in fish have already been shown to protect the brain on their own. With or without B vitamins, they can fight depression… ease anxiety and stress… and help ward off the effects of cognitive decline.

But why settle for just one or the other? These two sets of essentials are even better together, giving seniors with the frustrating signs of mild cognitive impairment an extra burst of protection against this brain-robbing condition.

There’s no drug out there that can slow MCI like this one-two punch of fatty acids and B vitamins did in this latest study!

Next up, researchers plan to conduct a longer study to see if the supplements can stop MCI from turning into dementia.

But it could be years before we see results – and if you’re already a little older and suffering from the early signs of cognitive impairment, time isn’t on your side.

Since you need help NOW – and since these are essential nutrients anyway and can help protect the heart as well as the brain – why not start boosting your intake of both with supplements?

Don’t rely on your multivitamin alone here, even if it claims to have omega-3s in it. Most don’t have nearly enough.

Instead, take a multivitamin with minerals along with a B complex and an omega-3 supplement. As always, stick to quality vitamins from makers you trust – not the junk you find in discount stores.