Testing your heart could lead to cancer

Your doc will tell you he’s trying to make sure your heart is healthy and not a time bomb waiting to go off.

He’ll claim he’s just looking out for you and your health… but in reality, he’s keeping his bank account fat and happy!

The latest research exposes one of the ugliest secrets in mainstream medicine, revealing how docs make big money off risky heart tests that, in most cases, you don’t even need.

It’s the nuclear stress test, which docs consider a “two-fer” since they get to run it twice – and charge for it twice, too.

Some 90 percent of the time in the United States, docs order up a normal “resting” image first, followed by the stress test image that will allow them to hunt for abnormalities.

He gets to double-dip and bill your insurer twice, and you get a double dose of cancer-causing radiation.

And for what? For nothing – because it turns out they don’t need that resting image most of the time!

In Europe, it’s the other way around. Docs almost never order a resting image first – they go right for the stress test. If that reveals anything unusual, then – and ONLY then – do they go back and order the resting image for comparison.

But that’s not the only way you could get slammed with far more radiation than necessary.

A second research note shows that many U.S. doctors also fail to take weight into account for radiation dosing. They use a “one-size-fits-all” formula, which ultimately exposes Americans to 20 percent more radiation on average than patients in other countries.

So let me give you two pieces of advice if your doc is hunting for a heart problem and wants to order up a stress test.

First, ask about the “Bruce Protocol.”

It’s a stress test with EKG monitoring, and in most cases it gives docs all the information they need on the condition of your heart without any radiation at all.

And second, if it turns out a nuclear stress test is necessary, tell the doc you want to start out with “stress only.” That’s when you get the stress test alone and only have the second “resting” image if it turns out there’s an issue.

He should offer that option first…but since he probably won’t…you’ll have to ask for it.

You can learn more about stress tests and the proper radiation levels – as well as the risks that come with them – in this free report from my House Calls archives.