Could that next sneeze KILL you?

Some folks wake up every day in spring ready to smell the roses. Others can’t smell a thing… because they’re too plugged up with allergies!

Yes, allergy season is back, and by most accounts, it’s back with a vengeance – as pollen levels have already reached mid-season highs in some areas.

And if you’re among the millions of allergy sufferers, spring and summer can vanish in a literal blur of a glassy-eyed hay fever fit that feels like a cold that won’t go away until Labor Day.

Some folks resign themselves to stocking up on tissues and riding it out, but don’t make that mistake yourself.

New research shows that it’s not just a matter of having a more pleasant life without the constant sniffles and sneezes of seasonal allergies.

You could have a LONGER life, too!

The same little particles that can get up your nose and cause you to sniffle and sneeze seem to be able to trigger heart attacks, especially in folks already at risk for cardiac problems.

On average, hospital admissions for heart problems jump by 5 percent over allergy season.

But as pollen counts rise, so do those admissions. In May, the peak month for pollen in Ontario (where the study was conducted), hospital admissions jump by an average of 16 percent.

In June, the second-worst month, hospital admissions rise by 10 percent, according to the study in the American Journal of Epidemiology.

The researchers believe the risk is limited to folks who have allergies, and more specifically to those who also have or are already at risk for heart problems in addition to their allergies.

They say they’ll need more studies to get down to the specifics, but my guess is that they’ll find the biggest risk of all is in folks who have active allergies at the time – because all that sniffling and sneezing can produce inflammation… and inflammation, of course, can be have devastating consequences all over your body.

Especially your heart.

But if you have allergies, you don’t have to accept the risk.

What you really need is a new approach to get your hay fever under control so you can not only cut your heart risk but also get out and enjoy spring for a change.

Believe it or not, you can do it.

Even if you’ve had terrible allergies for years – even if you never go anywhere without a stash of allergy meds “just in case” – there are natural therapies that can have you breathing better and easier than you have in years.

One highly effective therapy is a form of homeopathy called isopathy, which exposes you to low levels of common allergens to desensitize your immune system.

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