Lose your temper? Blame the cat!

I know it’s hard to keep your cool sometimes with all the nonsense going on around you these days.

But if you’re prone to outbursts… if you find some things just make you so angry you can’t hold it in… the problem may not be in your head.

It could be in your gut!

New research reveals that a nasty little parasite spread by exposure to cat litter can cause serious and even alarming personality changes – especially problems controlling your temper.

It’s called Toxoplasma gondii, and you don’t have to own a cat to have been exposed.

Along with having had a cat in the past or being around cats in the homes of friends, this parasite can also be found in undercooked meat, especially pork, veal, and lamb.

You could have a toxoplasmosis parasite inside you right now, without realizing it…because it can lay low for years – even DECADES! – without the classic symptoms of a parasite infection.

But University of Chicago researchers have found one potential warning sign, and that’s a mental thermostat that’s always running hot.

The team checked out 358 patients who had been evaluated for mental health problems such as “intermittent explosive disorder” – a.k.a., a really bad temper.

A third of them had the condition… a third had other forms of mental health problems such as depression… and the rest were healthy patients who weren’t diagnosed with any of those disorders.

As it turned out, the folks with IED were more than twice as likely to have a toxoplasmosis infection than everyone else.

That’s a sign the infection can cause changes in the delicate chemistry of the brain, especially the part responsible for your mood and personality – and that’s not the only way this parasite can mess with your mind.

It’s also been linked to schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and other psychiatric problems. In fact, some 16 percent of the patients in the group with other psychiatric problems also had toxoplasmosis infections.

That doesn’t mean the parasite is responsible for ALL their disorders. Anger outbursts can be caused by a variety of environmental, chemical, and emotional triggers.

But it’s pretty clear that you don’t want this thing living inside you, leeching off your body – even if it’s not making you “sick” in the traditional sense.

And if you’ve had a problem with either your temper or some other mood issue that you can’t quite seem to shake, maybe it’s time to get tested for a parasite.

The good news is, toxoplasmosis and other infections can often be treated and, in many cases, wiped out without medication by using a combination of herbal therapies and probiotics.

That bad news? Odds are your doc can’t even detect these nasty little critters, much less treat them because most mainstream tests can completely miss them.

Parasites can attach to the wall of the digestive tract and never leave – and they won’t show up in the common stool tests used by most doctors.

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