Life-saving thyroid therapy is being stolen from you!

It’s one of the biggest success stories in natural medicine – a safe and powerful hormone that tens of thousands of Americans suffering from underactive thyroid rely on every day.

So naturally, Big Pharma is working overtime to get it taken off the market!

Medicare has just announced that it’s dropping coverage for Armour, a natural form of thyroid hormones.

This move forces seniors battling hypothyroidism to take Big Pharma’s billion-dollar blockbuster drug, Synthroid, instead.

Medicare claims the move is about safety, but I’ve prescribed Armour to my own patients for decades and carefully followed the research, and I’ve never heard of any significant safety issues.

If anything, it’s Synthroid they should be worried about!

Back in 2001, the FDA had to issue a warning over the drug. The agency said the Synthroid formula had been altered “numerous times,” that the drug had a “long history of manufacturing problems,” and that it had “not been reliably potent and stable.”

And even when it’s made perfectly – even when it’s “potent and stable” – it still falls short, because Synthroid contains only thyroxine, a.k.a. T4.

While T4 is produced by the thyroid, it’s not the form your body uses. It has to be converted into the far more powerful active form, triiodothyronine a.k.a. T3.

But not everyone can convert T4 into T3 effectively.

Armour, on the other hand, takes care of that conversion for you. It’s made from pig thyroid glands and contains both T3 and T4 (as well as T1 and T2), so your body gets everything it needs…without having to do any heavy lifting.

This isn’t just a Medicare problem. Medicare is often the first domino to drop – but the rest often quickly follow. You can bet other insurers are already talking about ditching Armour and forcing patients onto Synthroid.

In addition, some patients need very specific doses of thyroid hormone, which can only be created by a compounding pharmacist – but the FDA’s recent attacks on the industry is making those sources of natural thyroid hormone scarce as well.

Once again, that forces patients to take Synthroid… even when it may not work very well for them.

The Alliance for Natural Health has an “action alert” you can join. With just a couple clicks, you can send an email to the FDA urging the agency to allow patients to continue to have access to compounded thyroid medications, followed by another message to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services demanding the return of Armour coverage.

Click here to get started.

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