This delicious diet is good to the bone

Ask 100 people what’s best for their bones, and 99 will tell you milk.

And all 99 of them are wrong!

Fact is, milk isn’t nearly as good for your bones as advertised. A study in 2014 even found that women who drink three glasses a day have a HIGHER risk of breaks and fractures.

But there IS something that can protect your bone – and it’s not a single food or drink.

It’s an entire lifestyle packed with many of the foods you already enjoy, because new research finds that women who follow a Mediterranean diet over the long-term have a lower risk of hip fractures.

The benefit is relatively small, but very real. For every 342 women who follow the diet, one will be spared the sheer pain and misery of a hip fracture – the kind of bone break that can lead to long-term and in some cases permanent disability.

The researchers admit to being baffled by the link, because the Mediterranean diet is very low in dairy with little to no milk at all.

Even in Italy, home of the cappuccino, most folks drink their coffee black. (Trivia: The milk-rich latte was invented in California – some 6,000 miles away!)

But I’m not surprised at all, because while milk and other dairy products are rich in calcium, that mineral alone isn’t always the best way to protect bone.

Studies have shown that another ingredient is a whole lot more important than dairy… and it’s one the Mediterranean diet is absolutely rich in: OLIVES!

Olives may not be the first things that come to mind when you think of bone health, but they should be. A 2012 study found that a Mediterranean diet enriched with olive oil boosts osteocalcin levels in older folks by 22 percent.

That’s one of the most important markers of bone health because it’s a sign that your body is regenerating bone – a critical process to ensure it repairs itself and stays strong.

The olives alone will help protect bone; but like I said, this is about more than one ingredient. There’s another one that’s just as important… and the Mediterranean diet just so happens to be packed with it.

It’s magnesium, a mineral just as critical to bone health as calcium, even if it doesn’t get nearly as much attention. The leafy greens and crunchy nuts and seeds that are part of the Mediterranean diet are LOADED with the stuff.

So if you’re not willing to go Mediterranean to protect your heart, cut your risk of diabetes, prevent a stroke, and lose some weight at the same time… do it for your bones.

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