Antibiotics won’t make your “mystery” symptoms disappear

It’s one thing to be a victim of a devastating disease…but it’s quite another to be a victim of bad medicine.

And if you’ve got Lyme disease, you’ve hit the opposite of a jackpot – because you’re suffering from the worst of both worlds.

Odds are, your doc has no idea how to test for Lyme. And even if you have the fatigue, pain, and chronic illness that mark the disease, he probably won’t detect it.

Now, the latest research shows he has no clue how to TREAT it, either!

The go-to remedy for Lyme disease is an antibiotic. When that doesn’t work – and in most cases, it won’t – they’ll give you another antibiotic. And when that doesn’t work…well, you get the picture.

Eventually, you will have taken just about everything in the pharmacy and STILL haven’t gotten any better, and thanks to a new study, now we know why.

Long-term antibiotics do zip to zap Lyme.

In the new study, patients were given the standard two-week course of ceftriaxone, and nearly half of them immediately paid the price. In addition to Lyme symptoms, they also battled side effects such as diarrhea and rash.

Talk about adding insult to injury!

But their problems were only beginning… because for 12 MORE weeks, a third of the patients went on the antibiotic doxycycline, a third tried a combination of clarithromycin and hydroxychloroquine, and a third got a placebo.

That’s three more months of antibiotics, and three more months fighting off the one-two punch of Lyme disease and drug side effects – and nothing to show for it, because all three groups (including the placebo) had the same tiny improvement.

And by tiny, I mean it was barely noticeable.

The study used a scale called Short Form-36. Healthy folks usually roll a 50 on those tests – but the Lyme patients in the study started out at about 30 or 31, and ended up at around 35 or 36.

That’s not a treatment. That’s a waste of time – but what would you expect from the mainstream medical community, which claimed this widespread disease was rare!

Then, the CDC dropped a bombshell: Instead of the 30,000 annual cases they had estimated, it turns out 329,000 Americans battle this disease every year… making it TEN TIMES more common that they had thought, and more common that breast or prostate cancer.

If you feel like utter garbage and don’t know why… if you’re fighting off “mystery” symptoms that your own doc can’t figure out… if you’ve tried every drug in the pharmacy and STILL can’t get any relief, it’s time to get some real help from someone who’s been on the ball from Day One: a holistic physician.

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