Put this military-strength pain-fighter to work for you

The U.S. military doesn’t mess around.

More than 15 years of war has many American veterans fighting an enemy far more persistent and devious than the ones they faced on the battlefield.

They’re at war with pain.

There are so many soldiers and former soldiers locked in combat with pain that the Defense Department needed something they could turn to that’s safe, proven, and of course cost-effective.

They found it in a big way – and what they found can work as well for you for everything from back pain to arthritis as it does for our nation’s veterans.

It’s acupuncture, and a new report finds this therapy now has widespread acceptance across the U.S. military.

It’s being used on battlefields abroad for quick relief from horrific injuries, and it’s being used at VA hospitals around the nation to help veterans coping with the lasting pain of wartime injuries.

With this kind of official acceptance, can acupuncture really be called “alternative” medicine anymore?

The new report from some of the leading minds in military medicine finds the U.S. Defense Department is hardly alone on this one. NATO has also been pushing acupuncture, as well as other militaries around the world.

There’s a reason they’re all turning to acupuncture. It has a proven “history of providing rapid, safe, and effective pain relief in wounded warriors over many years,” the researchers wrote in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine.

The problem our military had been facing is that the conventional mainstream approach was a total failure.

Vets were given painkillers to fight pain, and many ended up addicted to dangerous opioid meds. In 2014, a survey found veterans are nearly four times more likely to take prescription painkillers than civilians.

Statistically speaking, some of these brave men and women will end up addicted… and, sadly, some will die because of it.

That’s no way to treat the brave men and women who risked everything to keep us free!

Fortunately, the new report finds that’s changing in a big way with many vets now getting acupuncture instead of meds.

Now when will the rest of mainstream medicine catch up?

You don’t need to be a battle-hardened veteran coping with the lingering pain from the wounds of war to get real and lasting relief from acupuncture.

The same therapy that can bring pain relief to victims of combat injury can also help ease some of life’s most common pains of all and is even effective when used before and after surgery – a time when many patients are generally given opioid meds to control pain, putting them at risk for drug dependence.

So don’t be afraid to ask your doc about acupuncture. Ideally, he’ll refer you to a clinic that does the procedure.

But if he sniffs and claims it’s “unproven,” sniff back and say that it’s good enough for veterans who know a thing or two about pain… so it’ll be good enough for you, too.