Government officially recognizes homeopathy!

It’s one of the most patient-friendly advances in modern medicine… but if you want a piece of it, you’re going to have to move to Europe, where one nation is bringing “alternative” medicine right into the middle of the mainstream.

Switzerland’s Interior Ministry just announced that complementary medicine is no longer a second-class citizen in the world of healthcare.

In exactly one year, five leading forms of proven natural therapies will be given the same legal status as mainstream conventional medicine – meaning insurers will be required by law to cover the science-backed therapies that millions of people already turn to for relief when they need it most.

The new rules cover herbal medicine, holistic medicine, acupuncture, and traditional Chinese medicine – none of which are very controversial. That is, none as much as the fifth item on the list: homeopathy.

The mainstream is just livid over this, howling in protest as if the Swiss just passed a law banning holes from their cheese.

They claim homeopathy doesn’t work and therefore shouldn’t be covered.

But I suspect they have another motivation at work: Homeopathy not only works… it works a little TOO well for them!

I’ve always joked that you can’t get rich off homeopathy because the cures are so effective that you’ll almost never see your patients anymore. You’ll be like the Maytag Repairman of medicine, waiting for customers who never call because they never need your help.

The mainstream likes to attack homeopathy because they can’t figure out how it works. The remedies are so diluted they claim it’s nothing but water – but there are more than 100 studies that back homeopathic therapies for pain, flu symptoms, allergies, asthma, mood disorders, and more.

Just last year, a major study found homeopathic medicine is more effective than a common medication for the depression, hot flashes, and other symptoms that often accompany menopause.

They even work in pets… and pets have no idea what a placebo is, making it impossible to fake those results.

Despite these and other proven benefits, the U.S. government is taking the exact opposite approach of the Swiss.

Just last year, the FDA initiated a process to put draconian new restrictions on homeopathic remedies that would make them difficult – or even impossible – to find.

Homeopathy has never hurt a soul, and has helped many – yet these are the remedies the FDA wants to restrict.

Many drugs, on the other hand, hurt more people than they help… yet they’re readily available.

It just doesn’t make sense!

So don’t let anyone bully you away from these safe and proven natural therapies. I recommend that everyone keep a “homeopathic first aid” kit at home, which contains go-to remedies for common ailments.

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