The surprising secret to perfect blood sugar controlt

Guys, it can seem like no matter how hard you try... no matter how healthy you eat... or how much weight you lose... your blood sugar levels just won't come down.

Not enough, anyway.

Next thing you know, your doc is talking about diabetes drugs, not because you have the disease -- yet -- but to get your blood sugar under control so you DON'T develop the condition.

But new research shows why your diet isn't working... and why you don't need those meds after all.

What you REALLY need is something simpler and safer that can help with more than just controlling blood sugar and preventing diabetes.


Yes, I know most folks think of it as the sex hormone. And it is, of course, but that's not all it does.

Testosterone also plays a key role in how your body regulates blood sugar -- that is, until you get older, and your hormone levels fall off a cliff.

It starts in middle age, but as you head toward your 50s and 60s, your hormone tank could be close to "E," setting the stage for serious health problems including trouble regulating blood sugar.

In a series of experiments on mice, researchers found that when the rodents were bred to lack testosterone receptors on their beta cells, they had trouble producing insulin, and their blood sugar levels spiked.

Then, in tests on human cells, they saw something remarkably similar. When the cells were treated with a drug that blocked the function of the receptors -- in essence, blocking them from using testosterone -- they failed to pump out insulin.

If your hormone levels fall, you can expect to see the same results.

Next thing you know, your doc is talking to you about your blood sugar... or even urging you to take drugs to get it under control.

But you don't need meds. You need those hormones.

The researchers behind the new study are already talking about using testosterone in combination with drugs for men with diabetes or who are at risk.

But if your hormone levels are low, and you get treated early, you might NEVER develop diabetes. And if you already have the disease, natural therapies combined with hormone supplementation could slow it down... or even reverse it completely.

This is cutting-edge medicine as far as your doctor is concerned. But this is exactly how we've been practicing in integrative care all along -- so if you are concerned about your diabetes risk, already have the disease, or just want to ensure you have the hormones you need for good health as you get older, make an appointment to see a holistic medical doctor.

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