Hormone treatment cuts risk of deadly prostate cancers

I'm breaking out my sledgehammer today, because I'm about to bust a BIG medical myth -- one that's keeping millions of men from taking action to protect themselves and their health.

Most guys won't get the testosterone levels tested -- much less treated -- because they've heard that hormone therapy will boost their risk of prostate cancer.

But the latest science proves once and for all that hormone therapy not only WON'T cause cancer... it will even slash your risk of the DEADLIEST form of it!

According to a new study, there was NO overall increase in the risk of prostate cancer after a FULL YEAR of hormone treatment. But really most prostate tumors are harmless anyway.

It's the rare and aggressive tumors you need to avoid -- because those are the ones responsible for some 27,000 deaths per year in the United States alone.

And this is where hormone therapy really shines, because after just one year of treatment, the risk of those potentially deadly tumors plunged by 50 percent. That means it's not only safe... but it could also be essential to your health.

Preventing a deadly cancer isn't the only way this life-changing therapy offers real protection from some of today's top killers.

If you're facing heart problems, testosterone therapy can cut your risk of a heart attack by 30 percent, according to a 2014 study. And earlier this month, newly-published research found this hormone can cut your risk of emergency room readmission by nearly 40 percent.

Those are some pretty serious benefits -- and along with saving your life, hormone therapy can improve it in so many other ways.

Testosterone can restore your energy, boost your strength, sharpen your mind, help you drop a few pounds, and put the zip-a-dee back in your doo-dah.

If you're past middle age, odds are you're running low on testosterone -- so if you haven't had your levels checked, visit a holistic medical doctor.

You may not even need actual hormone therapy to get the benefits. In some cases, safe and natural supplements can stimulate your body into producing more of its own testosterone. Combining 2,000 mg per day of acetyl L-carnitine with 2,000 mg daily of propionyl L-carnitine can often boost testosterone levels by about the same level as hormone therapy.

If you've tried that and you're still falling short, it may be time for testosterone treatments in the care of your doc.

While the new study finds no difference in benefits in any of its forms -- including injections, gels and patches -- I find either an injection or gel works best for most men.

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