The ancient secret to brain protection

Sometimes, I'm convinced that everything we need to know about medicine was discovered long ago.

Here we are, well into the 21st century, and modern science is STILL struggling to keep up with the ancients.

Case in point: curcumin.

New research finds that this compound, found inside the spice turmeric, can protect the brain from the damage of age and prevent the slide into cognitive decline.

But if you were to go back thousands of years, to the earliest days of India's Ayurvedic medicine, this "modern" discovery would be greeted with a shrug... because it would've been old news to them!

If modern science has given us anything, it's a new and easier way to get curcumin. Instead of cooking with turmeric -- which is still a great way to get curcumin -- we can get higher levels more quickly from a capsule.

That's what was used in the new study: capsules containing either 500 mg of curcumin three times a day or placebo pills were given to 96 people between the ages of 40 and 90.

Over the course of six months, folks given the placebo suffered the little drops in cognition you'd expect from older people. That's the slow loss that could eventually turn into cognitive decline... and in some cases, may even lead to dementia.

But not the folks who had the curcumin!

This natural compound appeared to protect the brain from that slowdown -- with the biggest protections in the areas that can help make a big difference in your everyday life.

They did better on tests of overall memory as well as those all-important verbal skills.

This fits in with other studies that show curcumin has real effects inside the brain -- and you don't have to wait months to feel the difference.

Once study last year found that a single dose of curcumin can enhance attention and working memory within ONE HOUR of taking it!

There are at least two reasons it works.

First, curcumin can help break up the protein deposits in the brain linked to cognitive decline and dementia.

And second, curcumin can help increase levels of the essential fatty acid DHA inside the brain.

That boost in the brain is only the beginning of the benefits, because curcumin is also a powerful inflammation-fighter that can help protect against today's leading killer, heart disease.

One study earlier this year found curcumin can improve a major marker of cardiovascular health, which in turn can slash your risk of heart attack.

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