How to survive heart failure

I'm not going to sugarcoat it: Heart failure is often a death sentence, as half the folks who have it are dead within five years.

Today, I'm going to make sure you're not one of them.

Even if you have this disease... and you've been told to keep 911 on speed dial... and even if you feel you spend more time with doctors lately than with your own family... I'm here to say you can fight this disease.

And you can WIN.

You can be part of the other 50 percent -- and the latest research shows one super simple, incredibly safe, highly effective, and completely natural way to add years to your life.

And the first step... is literally a step!

Go for a walk. Not only will a little time out under the sun give you a burst of vitamin D and other artery-opening, heart-boosting benefits... but the walk itself is possibly life-changing.

Heart failure patients who get regular exercise are 18 percent less likely to die prematurely from any cause, and 11 percent less likely to end up in a hospital due to heart problems, according to the analysis of 20 studies.

Even before heart failure, I bet "exercise" wasn't your favorite word.

Living with heart failure, you get winded easily... and you probably think exercise is the last thing in the world you're capable of doing.

But we're not talking about competing for the Ironman championship. You don't even have to take up running or jogging.

Just walk.

The folks behind the new study say just walking for 20 or 30 minutes will count if it gets you to breathe a little more heavily (just not so much that you're hurting yourself).

Of course, talk to your doc before you start any of this -- because he knows your condition better than anyone else and you'll need his blessing before you get any form of exercise, including a walk.

Once you're outside, that stroll will do more than give you a little heart-pumping exercise.

It will also expose you to some much-needed daily sunlight, which is good for the body and soul alike -- and will help your body produce essential vitamin D.

A study I shared with you just last month found that vitamin D can improve heart function in patients with heart failure, boosting the amount of blood sent out with each beat by nearly a third.

Along with a daily walk and some vitamin D, be sure to get some coenzyme Q10. An analysis of 13 studies found CoQ10 supplements can boost the flow of blood to your heart -- improving function and quite possibly saving your life.

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