This will increase your risk of deadly prostate cancer

Guys, no one says you need to have six-pack abs to be healthy.

But if you've got a belly that's hanging over your belt, it's time to get serious about bringing it under control -- because the latest research shows how even just a few extra inches on your waistline could increase your risk of a killer form of prostate cancer.

Every day, some 500 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer -- and for most men, it's no big deal. The disease itself is often harmless and, in most cases, doesn't need to be treated or even detected.

It just needs to be left alone.

But if you let your waistline swell, you could be part of a different set of numbers: the 26,000 men who die of this disease every year.

The magic number is 37.

Keep your waistline below 37 inches, and your risk of the deadliest form of prostate cancer will plunge.

Let your belly grow, on the other hand, and so will your risk of dying from this disease. Once you hit that 37-inch mark, your odds of the most aggressive form of prostate cancer rises by 13 percent -- and that's only the beginning of the risk.

The bigger your belly, the higher your odds... with the risk of deadly prostate cancer jumping by another 13 percent for every four inches around the middle.

It's not just belly fat, either. Every 5 extra points on your BMI will cause your risk to rise by about 10 percent, according to the study presented at the European Obesity Summit 2016.

Obviously, you want to lose some weight and keep your waistline trim.

But don't just turn to any old diet, because the right changes to your dinner plate can help to lose weight and cut your risk of the most aggressive forms of prostate cancer at the same time.

For example, increasing your fiber intake is not only a great way to fill your belly without adding calories and fat, but it will also slash your risk of the deadliest form of prostate cancer by as much as 80 percent.

Cutting carbs will also help you to lose weight fast -- and since carbs cause the spikes in glucose that can feed certain tumors, avoiding these unhealthy foods will slash your risk of prostate cancer by between 60 percent and 70 percent.

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