Beat migraines without meds

Your doc might not look like he has any trouble seeing... but odds are, he's blind as a bat!

Most mainstream docs can't see what's right in front of them and fail to notice the often very obvious causes of common conditions.

Take migraines, for example.

New research shows how mainstream docs have completely missed one of the most obvious and common causes of these painful headaches.

And treating it can ease -- and, in some cases, end -- the suffering.

Yet most docs don't treat this classic textbook cause of migraines... and not only that, but they don't even TEST for it!

Migraines are often caused or worsened by nutritional deficiencies, especially problems with the nutrients that give your cells energy.

And, sure enough, the new study finds that migraine patients are often missing out on the nutrients needed by the mitochondria, which is essentially the power supply in each cell.

This isn't cutting-edge science. This is literally in the textbooks... so if your doc doesn't know this, he's either blind or illiterate.

Or maybe he just skipped a whole bunch of classes in med school.

Yet this new study is being hailed by the mainstream as some kind of stunning new revelation. Some are even "wondering" if supplements can help ease or cure migraines and are calling for more studies.

Why wonder -- and why wait for more studies? If folks are low in essential nutrients, they should darn well be getting them -- and in this case, supplements most definitely CAN help migraine patients.

The new study focuses on three in particular, finding that migraine patients are often low in vitamin D, the B vitamin riboflavin, and coenzyme Q10.

And those are excellent places to start. In fact, I often recommend vitamin D and CoQ10 supplements even to people without migraines, as most folks are missing out on those two.

The study didn't look at magnesium, but it's absolutely critical to mitochondria function -- and not only do many folks fall short when it comes to this mineral, but migraine patients in particular tend to have low levels.

So get back to basics. If you're suffering from headaches, especially migraines, start with plain old good nutrition.

This approach won't work for everyone. There's no single cause of migraines, so there's no single cure... but supplements can certainly help many.

In addition, migraines often have "triggers" such as booze, food, or food additives -- especially aspartame and MSG.

Switching to a diet of all-natural foods can often work wonders.

Be sure to work with a doctor who can find and treat any internal problems such as neurotransmitter and/or hormone imbalances, which can also play a role in triggering headaches.

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