How to STOP cancer cold... before you even know it's there

Two people could get the same exact cancer... yet one might die of it, and the other might live a long and healthy life and never even know it's there.

What's the difference?

Most doctors can only guess that it's some mix of bad genes and bad luck.

But that's not always true.

Toxins in the body can take a harmless, slow-growing cancer and turn it into a highly aggressive killing machine -- and it's not just the toxic chemicals I mentioned before.

There's one other "toxin" that can play a key role in cancer... and it's toxic STRESS.

The new study on mice finds that chronic stress opens up what's known as your lymphatic system, which runs throughout your body.

If your blood vessels are a highway, the lymphatic system is a very active service road, used to transport immune cells and clear out toxins.

Stress seems to give cancer cells the "GO" signal to enter the lymphatic system --turning it into what the researchers called a "cancer superhighway."

The result? Cancers spread and grow SIX TIMES faster when you're stressed out.

The new study focused on mice and breast cancer cells... but since our own lymphatic system works in a remarkably similar way, it's quite likely we would see the same results in humans and with other forms of cancer.

This would also help explain how people who win a battle with cancer in one part of the body end up fighting a new war with the disease in another region -- one that too many people sadly lose.

Obviously, you want to get control over stress even if you don't have cancer, and for that I recommend spending more time with loved ones, taking up relaxing hobbies and turning to prayer.

Homeopathic remedies can also help.

And if you're already fighting cancer, this is even more important because nothing -- and I mean nothing -- can give you more stress than a battle with this disease.

Just knowing you have cancer is stressful enough. Throw in toxic mainstream treatments... disfiguring surgeries... and all the uncertainty... and you've got a recipe for some of the most extreme stress imaginable.

That's why it's absolutely essential to make holistic care a part of your cancer treatment plan.

While an oncologist will focus entirely on the tumor, a holistic physician will also treat the rest of you and help limit and even reverse some of the most toxic side effects of cancer therapies -- including toxic stress.

If you're in Southern California, I have more than two decades' worth of experience working with cancer patients to both fight the disease and limit the damage of mainstream treatments.

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