Is this the key to chronic fatigue?

It's all in your head!

For years, clueless mainstream docs have implied or in some cases flat-out stated that chronic fatigue syndrome isn't real.

Now, the latest research confirms what anyone who's battled this crippling... debilitating... and life-ruining condition already knows.

It's all TOO real.

And if you want a glimpse of the very real changes this disease causes in the body, don't look in the head.

Look in the stomach!

The new study finds a dramatic shift in gut bacteria in folks who have this condition as tests reveal much lower levels of diversity in what's known as the "gut flora."

You see, your gut is like a factory, and the bacteria are its workers.

They play a role in many of the body's most vital functions, from digesting food to setting your mood -- and as you can imagine, it takes many types of "workers" to get the job done.

As a result, more diversity among the bacteria in the gut almost always means less health problems, while less diversity is a major risk factor for chronic diseases ranging from inflammatory bowel diseases and diabetes to depression.

And that's not the only difference the researchers found.

Folks battling chronic fatigue also have high levels of inflammatory markers called "lipopolysaccharides" in the blood -- and that means bacteria could be getting into the bloodstream.

These two signs are so common in patients with chronic fatigue that researchers were able to spot patients with the condition 83 percent of the time just by checking blood and stool samples.

In other words, any doc who claims this condition is in your head needs a head exam of his own... because the study proves once and for all what those of us in holistic medicine never doubted.

"There's a biological difference between people with C.F.S. and healthy people," Cornell's Maureen R. Hanson, senior author of the study, told the New York Times. "The long-lasting idea that it's a psychological illness should be abandoned."

But knowing it's real and treating it are two different things.

So sure, put a high-quality probiotic supplement containing human-tested bacterial strains on your shopping list. Increasing your gut diversity certainly can't hurt, and it may even help ease the symptoms.

But don't mistake that for a "cure" -- because the decreased gut diversity and inflammation are likely symptoms, rather than the cause.

While there is no single cause of CFS, overworked adrenal glands are often the prime suspect.

Your adrenals pump out stress hormones like cortisol and DHEA, but can reach a point where they eventually wear out -- which is why chronic fatigue is so often adrenal fatigue.

In other cases, it could be caused by hormonal problems or even an undiagnosed chronic infection.

Odds are, a mainstream doc will never test you for any of these conditions -- much less treat them -- but a holistic doctor will.

If you're in the San Diego area, I can test for all the possible causes of CFS and come up with a personalized treatment plan to help you fight this condition and win.

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