Beat breast cancer without sacrificing your quality of life

Winning a war with cancer is about more than just wiping out the tumor and saving your life.

It's about preserving your QUALITY of life, too, so you come out the other side feeling like your old self again.

Unfortunately, too many women who win a fight with breast cancer end up feeling like they've LOST.

They've "survived," yet they feel like they have one foot in the grave. They're run down and worn out... suffering from memory loss, pain, and more... but not from the disease itself.

It's from the toxic mainstream treatments used to fight it!

Let's turn this around.

You don't have to sacrifice your quality of life to beat breast cancer, and two new studies show simple steps you can take today to ease some of the most debilitating side effects of cancer treatment.

First, don't forget to get out and get moving, because light to moderate activity can help you overcome one of the most common treatment side effects: chemo brain.

That's the foggy mind, fatigue, and memory loss that often accompany chemotherapy -- and the latest research finds that women who get moderate activity have less stress... less fatigue... and BETTER memory.

You don't have to go crazy with exercise. Even a brisk walk is enough to make a big difference, according to the study.

I know sometimes it's hard. Cancer treatments can sap you of nearly every last drop of energy.

Fortunately, a second new study shows how you can get some of that energy back so you have the power to get up and get moving.

All it takes is a little acupressure.

This is a gentle form of massage therapy that you can learn to do on yourself -- and women who did the exercises for just six minutes a day had a major boost in energy levels.

It was twice as effective as "usual care" and so powerful that nearly two-thirds of women saw their fatigue levels return to the normal zone.

You can search YouTube for videos that will show you how to perform your own acupressure. Just look up "acupressure for fatigue" and "acupressure for energy."

These two studies show women getting major improvements in their quality of life without drugs... without doctors... without any help at all.

All they did were some gentle exercises.

But don't stop there.

Cancer therapies can do more than sap your energy and strength. They can cause toxins to build up in the body, damage healthy cells, and lead to other serious problems -- including a risk of future cancers.

That's why it's important to visit a holistic medical doctor who can work with you to reverse the worst of the effects and detoxify after treatment.

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