The real cause of heart failure death

Heart failure is deadly enough on its own, so when people die of the condition, mainstream docs just shrug and say that's what happens.

It's heart FAILURE, after all.

But the ugly truth is that many of the people who die of heart failure aren't killed by the condition.

They're dead because of DRUGS!

I've warned my own patients for years that many common medications can cause or worsen heart failure.

Now, an urgent new warning from the mainstream shows I've been right all along -- because the American Heart Association says some of today's most commonly-used drugs can KILL patients with heart failure.

Ironically, some of those drugs are supposed to cut heart risk, including blood pressure pills, diabetes drugs and medications for heart rhythm problems.

Instead, they'll do just the opposite.

In addition, common cancer meds, antifungal treatments, and more could also do you in -- and the problem isn't limited to prescription meds.

Heartburn drugs, cold remedies, and even painkillers including plain old ibuprofen can lead to worsening heart failure.

Pop those pills, and you could end up in the emergency room -- and that's if you're lucky.

If you're not, you could pay the ultimate price.

And if that happens... if you're killed BECAUSE of these medications... they're not going to blame the drugs.

They'll blame the heart failure.

Now we know the truth, and it comes right from the American Heart Association. You weren't killed by heart failure.v
You were killed by your "care," or maybe we should call it LACK of care, because those drugs are often completely unnecessary.

Even the American Heart Association admits as much, saying some of these drugs clearly come with more risks than benefits... and some have almost no benefit at all.

The organization also warns that some natural therapies might hurt heart failure patients, although the list is far shorter and for the most part focuses on supplements that can interact with meds rather than ones that can directly worsen heart failure.

Obviously, talk to a doctor before taking any supplement, especially if you're on meds or have a health condition such as heart failure.

But in many cases, supplements and other nondrug therapies are a far safer option, especially for heart patients. For example, most patients with high blood pressure can bring their levels down naturally, without meds, by making some diet changes or trying safe and natural therapies.