Scary new depression treatment coming soon

The FDA has made plenty of mistakes before – but they’re on the verge right now of making a monumental whopper.

And this one could hurt millions of desperate Americans.

The agency just put ketamine on the fast track for approval as a depression treatment – and if that name is vaguely familiar, that’s because it often makes headlines for some completely different reasons.

And those reasons will absolutely shock you.

It’s a drug used to commit “date rape” because it lowers willpower and inhibitions!

It’s also widely used and abused on the party scene where it scrambles brains so much that some poor souls mentally disappear into what’s known as “the K hole,” where they think they’re having outer-body experiences… traveling with aliens… or even talking to God.

Supposedly the dose used for depression patients is lower. No one in the studies is traveling through the “K hole.”

But these are carefully controlled environments.

There’s a reason it’s a drug of abuse out in the real world: Once people start, they can’t stop. They take more of it, and take it more frequently.

And that’s why this has the potential to turn into the next opioid crisis – because once the FDA approves it, which could happen in as little as two years, this drug won’t be in carefully-controlled environments.

It’ll be out there, unleashed on the public – and sending Americans suffering from depression deep into addiction as they seek to find the “K hole.” Even worse, the side effects of ketamine overdose are exactly what you DON’T want for patients with mental health problems.

It’s known to cause anxiety… depression... suicidal thoughts… and more.

Ready for the most shocking part of this?

Despite these very serious risks, the FDA put ketamine into its “fast track” system without a single gold-standard independent clinical trial to back it up.

It’s in the middle of Phase III clinical trials right now – but that’s practically just a formality at this point.

Fact is, the agency has an absolutely abysmal record when it comes to drug approvals, often signing off on meds despite little to no solid proof they work very well.

And that’s especially true of depression treatments.

Some of the most popular antidepressant drugs in the world that were approved with great fanfare have flunked more recent studies – barely beating placebos.

So don’t be hoodwinked by ketamine when it’s approved in a couple of years. It might quickly turn into a popular new drug – but you know the truth.

If you’re depressed, you’ve got much better options for safely bringing this condition under control.

One study found curcumin supplements are as effective as the drug Prozac, but without the risks, and you can read more about it for free right here.