Prevent kidney disease with this one change

Friend, if your doc hasn't had a chat with you about kidney disease, he's doing you a huge disservice.

And if he hasn't tested you for it by now, it's borderline malpractice!

Right now, at this very moment, some 26 million Americans are battling chronic kidney disease -- yet most of them don't even know it.

They don't know because their own doctors haven't told them about it and haven't tested them for it, despite the fact that this disease is one of the nation's top killers, responsible for more deaths each year than either breast or prostate cancer.

The older you are, the higher your risk, with 42 percent of seniors eventually developing the condition.

It's time to turn that around and put the odds back in your favor -- because I've got a quick tip that can dramatically slash your risk of becoming part of these ugly statistics.

And all you have to do is make a quick switch at dinner: Eat a little less red meat and a little more of other healthy sources of fats and protein.

Red meat is a little hard on your kidneys because it's converted into acids after you digest it.

Since your kidneys are responsible for keeping your blood pH levels under control, they have to get to work removing that acid.

They can handle the job most of the time. They were designed to do this, after all.

But these days, people eat so much red meat that the kidneys have to work overtime to control blood acid.

And that leads to trouble -- including kidney disease and, ultimately, kidney failure.

As a result, the new study finds folks who eat red meat often are 40 percent more likely to develop kidney failure, a devastating condition that has nearly half a million Americans living with dialysis... and many more living with or desperately in need of a transplant.

Not all of them will get a new kidney -- and, sadly, close to 1,000 Americans die of kidney disease every week.

But as the new study shows, you can turn that risk around and help make sure you're not one of those victims.

All you have to do is give up some red meat.

Not all of it -- just cut back on it. The study finds you can cut your risk of kidney failure by 62 percent if you replace just one serving a day of red meat with a healthier protein such as fish, chicken, or even a plant-based protein.