Mainstream docs CLUELESS on this common condition

They're some of the most overused drugs in the country -- despite the fact that even mainstream studies show they do little to nothing for most of the people who take them.

So what do researchers have to say about antidepressants now?

They're not being used enough!

You just can't make this up, friend, as new research claims that two-thirds of all cases of depression are untreated and that docs need to do a better job of reaching them.

Some 8 percent of Americans are battling depression, but only a third are being treated for it, according to the study in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine.

To be fair, the researchers admit that the drugs don't work for everyone, especially in milder cases, and that many people stay on them for far too long.

But they're also pushing to get patients who might be depressed into the care of psychiatrists and other "mental health professionals" -- and that's just about the biggest mistake many patients with depression can make.

Psychiatrists don't really get involved in talk therapy or anything like that these days, as you might expect.

They're glorified drug salesmen!

They "work" with a patient only to the extent that they help find a drug that kinda-sorta-maybe works with not too many side effects, a process that's often more miss than hit.

Even follow-up visits are really only about tweaking that prescription.

"I feel like a good Volkswagen mechanic," psychiatrist Dr. Donald Levin lamented to the New York Times a few years back.

He wasn't happy about it, that's just the state of his industry -- especially since most insurance companies won't reimburse for lengthy psychotherapy sessions.

They'll only pay for 10- to 15-minute sessions so doctors can change the dose of a drug or order up a new one if a patient is having problems.

You deserve better than that.

For mild to moderate depression, try curcumin supplements. Recent studies have found that this ancient remedy is as effective as a popular antidepressant drug, but without the risks.

The amino acid 5-HTP, which your body converts to serotonin, is another terrific science-backed natural therapy.

A little time... along with the support of your loved ones... can also help fight the blues.

And of course, don't be shy about asking for help from a higher power. Prayer can go a long way, especially in tough times.

If you're dealing with more severe depression, or moderate depression that never seems to fade, you might have something else going on, such as a hormonal issue.

Seek the advice of a skilled holistic medical doctor.

If you're in the San Diego area, I can run some tests here at the Stengler Center to find the cause -- and once we narrow it down, we can begin an all-natural treatment that'll have you feeling like yourself in no time.

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