Stop nosebleeds with salt water

There's nothing more irritating than a nosebleed.

But for some folks, it's more than a messy inconvenience. Chronic and severe nosebleeds can be dangerous, especially for seniors taking blood thinners.

Now, the latest research spots a simple, safe, and effective way to handle nosebleeds -- and while this study focused on people with a very serious condition, it could also help you.

The answer? Saline solution.

Yes, plain old saltwater -- already widely available as a nasal spray for just a couple bucks -- can match the benefits of commonly-used meds, but with none of the risks.

According to the new study, saline spray is effective at reducing or eliminating the number of nosebleeds in folks with hemorrhagic telangiectasia (HHT), a condition that affects more than 50,000 Americans.

Three different drugs often given to folks who suffer from frequent nosebleeds were used in the study: a powerful cancer med with serious risks, a form of estrogen, and a drug given to hemophiliacs that can cause clots.

None of them are very good options.

All three went up against saline, which was supposed to be a placebo.

But it's not a placebo -- not really.

Placebos are supposed to be inactive. Saline is anything but, since the water is hydrating and the salt is cleansing.

Technically, since the drugs didn't beat the "placebo," they're written off as ineffective.

In reality, everyone improved... even the folks on the saline.

So what this really means is not that the drugs didn't work. It's that saline "works" as well as the drugs -- but for a fraction of the price and without any side effects.

It's about as perfect as a treatment could be!

The folks behind the new study are calling for more research to see if saline could help other folks with frequent nosebleeds and not just HHT patients.

Sure, they can knock themselves out and study it all they want... but why wait? If you suffer from frequent nosebleeds for any reason, give saline a shot. It's widely available, perfectly safe, and something I already recommend for folks with bloody nose conditions.

A squirt or two a couple times a day can help keep the delicate tissue in there hydrated and less likely to get raw and irritated -- cutting the risk of something busting open, leading to yet another nosebleed.

Some brands of saline claim to use sea salt, and some have scents. That's just marketing; all you need is the plain old saline in a squirt bottle you can stick up your nose. They run about $2 or $3 each.