The secret to beating prostate cancer

Cancer of the WHAT???

There was a time when nothing could make a man panic like the words "prostate cancer," because -- let's face it -- most guys worry more about what's going on "down there" than any other part of the body.

Give a man a choice, and he might pick brain cancer over prostate cancer!

The panic is real; I've seen it in my own patients given that diagnosis.

Now, new research confirms the advice I've given them over the years: Don't panic. Take your time, and make a careful decision.

Because while most men experiencing the prostate panic rush out for treatment, the new study finds that the best "treatment" for early stage tumors is usually no treatment at all!

Guys with early-stage prostate tumors who do nothing have a 99 percent chance of surviving the disease for at least 10 years, according to the study.

That's the same exact survival rate as guys in the study who had their tumors blasted with radiation... and the same survival rate as men who had the entire prostate surgically removed.

The only difference, of course, is that guys who did nothing spent that decade enjoying life.

Men who rushed into treatment, on the other hand, may have been regretting it for every second of those 10 years and beyond.

Prostate cancer treatments can leave you with the double indignity of impotence and incontinence. Many of the guys who had surgery also battled bowel problems.

Why suffer through all that when you don't have to?

The writing's been on the wall for some time now: Most guys diagnosed with prostate cancer don't need to panic as years of research proves that the "watch and wait" approach works for early-stage tumors.

And that's because most low-grade tumors will never turn deadly.

One study published just last year found that the odds of a low-risk tumor turning into an aggressive cancer is just 5.9 percent -- and that in nearly all cases, doctors will spot that change early enough to safely get you treated.

And if you've been diagnosed with an early-stage tumor... you and choose the "watch and wait" approach yourself... there are some steps you can take to slow it down even further.

Lycopene -- a natural compound found in watermelon, papaya, and tomatoes -- can slow the growth of tumors in men with prostate cancer, reducing both PSA levels and PSA velocity.

Vitamin D packs similar benefits, and it may even help men with more advanced forms of prostate cancer.

Get the inside scoop on some of the best supplements for men with prostate cancer in this free report from my House Calls archives.