This 'supermarket miracle' can beat kidney problems

The best medicine money can buy isn't sold by the bottle in your pharmacy -- it's sold by the pound in the produce aisle of your favorite supermarket!

You already know that fruits and vegetables are healthy and can cut the risk of disease.

But what most folks DON'T know is that fresh produce is actually medicine -- real medicine -- that can help control and even reverse some of the most devastating diseases that come with age.

One new study shows how fresh fruits and vegetables can help you dramatically reduce the amounts of meds you have to take each day if you're battling one of the most common conditions facing seniors.

By some estimates, more than half of all older folks are facing at least some degree of kidney disease, and many of them are taking powerful drugs to control the high blood pressure that often accompanies it.

These drugs aren't just pricey, even with good insurance.

They can leave you feeling lousy all the time -- and, as I shared with you just yesterday, so dizzy you could actually risk injury or even death from a fall.

Eat more veggies, and you can make sure it never happens to you -- because the new study shows how simply boosting your produce intake can help you toss many of those meds right into the trash.

Over the course of five years, older folks in the new study told to boost their fruit and vegetable intake saw their blood pressure levels plunge.

They dropped by more than 10 points compared to folks given meds alone.

Folks who took the drugs had an average "top number" of 135, while folks who ate three or four more servings of fruits and veggies per day along with their meds got it all the way down to 125.

Even more amazingly, the folks who ate more produce not only had BETTER blood sugar control, but they also needed FEWER meds -- cutting their drug use in half over five years when compared to the folks who didn't make any changes to the diet.

If you've got kidney disease, you know that's a major improvement -- because while blood pressure is tough enough for any senior to control, it becomes much harder to handle once kidney disease enters the picture.

But if you get more fresh produce, you can get those BP levels down and cut your meds in half at the same time.

Imagine that! Take half the meds, save half the money, and face half the side effects.

Now stop imagining, head to the supermarket or your local farmers market, and load up on fresh produce.

Just be sure to avoid dips and dressings, which contain hidden sugars and high levels of sodium -- both of which can increase your blood pressure instead of cutting it.