What your doc doesn't understand about your thyroid

It's one of the most under-diagnosed conditions facing older Americans today -- yet a new report finds it's also massively over-treated.

So which one is true?

Well, it's BOTH!

The new study shows just how crazy the mainstream "all or nothing" approach is when it comes to your thyroid.

If your thyroid hormone levels drop out of the "normal" zone -- even if they're not low enough to be considered hypothyroidism -- most docs will put you on pills.

We're not talking Flintstone vitamins here, either.

They'll give you powerful and dangerous synthetic thyroid hormones, which can cause far bigger problems than slightly low hormone levels.

In one case report in the new study, the hormone drugs triggered serious heart problems in a patient who had to be treated in the emergency room.

Turned out he went to the other extreme after taking the drugs. He had so much thyroid hormone they could've bottled the guy up and sold HIM as a drug!

Naturally, the researchers conclude that folks with slightly low thyroid function shouldn't get the meds. And in most cases, folks with slightly low hormone levels are fine anyway since they don't have hypothyroidism.

Well, they've got it half right.

Most of these folks shouldn't get the drugs.

But they're not fine... and if you have low thyroid function, you know yourself that you're not fine. Even if you've never been tested for thyroid hormone you probably know something's wrong.

You're tired. Cranky. Depressed. Maybe you're gaining weight for no reason... and can't sleep at night.

You might even be suffering from stomach problems such as constipation.

These are all classic warning signs of a sluggish thyroid. But if you listen to the docs behind the new study, there's nothing to do but suffer in silence -- at least until your thyroid just about gives up and you qualify for drugs.

This is just plain nonsense.

You don't have to settle for "all or nothing." There are other options.

Instead of taking synthetic hormone drugs, you can turn to the natural therapies that can give your thyroid a little kick so it starts producing hormones on its own again.

Most folks know iodine is essential to thyroid function. Some people may even take supplements.

But that's only half the picture.

Without the amino acid tyrosine, your body can't put that iodine to work -- so if you're suffering from a sluggish thyroid, look for a support formula that contains both.

Some people DO need thyroid hormone -- and in those cases, they're better off with natural hormones such as Armour Thyroid instead of synthetic drugs.

Your best bet is to work closely with a holistic medical doctor who can test your hormones and find the best way to raise them if you need to boost your levels.

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