Depression meds could hijack your will to live

For years, they've dismissed the links... told you not to worry about it... and even claimed it doesn't exist.

But the latest research reveals the shocking truth about antidepressants.

These drugs, which by definition are supposed to help lift you out of depression, can do just the opposite.

They can cause you to sink so deep into a pit of despair you might not think there's a way out.

They can cause you to want to kill yourself.

The new study finds that common antidepressant drugs -- the same drugs taken by some 30 million Americans -- could nearly DOUBLE your risk of suicidal thoughts and behaviors.

Until now, that's a risk many believed was limited to younger patients.

But it turns out it's not limited at all -- because the studies analyzed by the world-renowned Nordic Cochrane Center focused on otherwise healthy adults.

It's important to note that no one in the actual studies analyzed by the Cochrane team actually attempted suicide. But that would be expected since, as part of a clinical trial, the patients were closely monitored.

What they DID do, however, was show a dramatic increase in the risk of "precursor events to suicidality or violence" including agitation, anxiety, and psychotic events.

In fact, folks who took the meds in the 11 clinical trials analyzed were 85 percent more likely to show the signs of those "precursor events."

The risk was so great that 1 in 16 patients on the drugs battled at least some form of these side effects.

Ready for the truly frightening part?

The research team believes the TRUE risk is even higher!

They couldn't get a good look at all the data because much of it is being held under lock and key by the drug companies.

You have to wonder: What are they hiding?

But even with the limited data that IS available, it's clear there's something wrong -- so much so that the researchers warned that doctors and patients alike have "lethal misconceptions" over the supposed safety of the drugs.

They're NOT safe. And believing that these drugs are safe... taking them without understanding these risks... could have lethal consequences.

Amazingly, despite these and other risks including weight gain, mood swings, bad dreams, sexual dysfunction, and more, antidepressant drugs often don't work very well.

They may not even work at all.

If you have a mild to moderate case of depression, try curcumin supplements instead. One study found that this natural anti-inflammatory compound is as effective as a popular antidepressant drug.

Another great science-backed option is 5-HTP, an amino acid your body converts to brain-boosting serotonin.

And naturally, don't be afraid to ask for help -- help from loved ones, of course, as well as help from a higher power. Prayer can be incredibly healing, especially when times are tough.