Drop a few pounds to prevent these deadly conditions

Can you believe Thanksgiving is less than three weeks away? I don't know about you, but I can almost feel my belt buckle straining from the weight of another turkey dinner.

It's one thing to let loose for a big meal on Thanksgiving.

But most folks kiss their diets goodbye completely this time of year as "Season's Greetings" turns into "Season's Eatings."

Do yourself and your body a favor, and don't let your guard down. Eat as carefully as ever -- and if you can't lose weight this time of year, at least don't GAIN it.

Because new research shows how a belly that jiggles like it's full of cranberry sauce can lead directly to not just one but TWO deadly diseases: dementia and liver cancer.

Neither link is shocking, as any doc will tell you.

But the studies show in black-and-white just what you're facing if you keep putting off your diet plans.

First up: dementia.

As your waistline expands, your inflammation levels rise -- even in your brain, where it damages your memory, according to the study of more than 2,000 seniors.

And if you're carrying around a few extra pounds yourself, the study finds you're facing a higher risk of cognitive decline within just six years.

Believe it or not, that's the GOOD news -- because the second new study shows how you might not even last those six years.

As your waistline grows, so does your risk of liver cancer.

Every two inches you add to the middle will increase your risk of liver cancer by 8 percent.

That adds up fast -- so fast, that the study also finds increasing BMI will increase the cancer risk by between 21 percent and 142 percent.

Think that's bad?

This gets even worse, because obesity and diabetes are together more often than turkey and stuffing... and if you have both, your risk of liver cancer jumps by 260 percent, according to the study in the journal Cancer Research.

And, bringing this full circle, the high blood sugar levels of diabetes will also increase your risk of dementia.

It's an endless vicious cycle of illness and death -- but it's one you can break right now.

Start by switching to a healthy Mediterranean diet if you haven't already. This terrific and easy-to-follow lifestyle can help you lose weight, protect your heart, and cut your risk of cancer.

And second, don't be tempted by too many of the holiday treats that'll soon be placed under your nose.

For some tips on how to survive the holiday season without gaining weight, read this free report from my House Calls archives.