The natural cancer fighting duo hiding in plain sight

If you want to see mainstream hypocrisy at its absolute ugliest, here's the perfect case study.

Last year, after a single report claimed aspirin could cut the risk of colon cancer, doctors were talking up this dangerously overused drug as the next big miracle in modern medicine.

Today, an all-natural supplement that millions of seniors already depend on for arthritis relief was proven to do the same thin, WITHOUT the side effects -- yet I'll bet your doc hasn't said a word about it.

So, allow me to do what he won't and share with you one of them most promising cancer breakthroughs in years -- because new research proves the dynamic duo of glucosamine and chondroitin can cut your risk of colon cancer by 23 percent.

The secret appears to be how these two natural compounds work together to fight inflammation throughout the body.

In your knees, less inflammation means less pain from osteoarthritis (and, of course, this supplement also cuts pain by slowing the loss of cartilage that marks the disease).

But it doesn't just fight inflammation there in your knees.

It can knock those levels down elsewhere, too, including in the colon -- where chronic inflammation can allow a polyp to form, which could potentially turn into a cancerous growth.

Aspirin also reduces inflammation, so it probably works the same way when cutting the risk of colon cancer.

But regular aspirin use can increase your risk of dangerous, painful, and, in some cases, deadly internal bleeding.

It can tear a hole in your gut... and even cause "micro-bleeds" inside your brain.

The only real "risk" of glucosamine and chondroitin, on the other hand, is stronger knees!

Of course, nothing's perfect, and glucosamine and chondroitin are no exception. The downside here is that while many people get arthritis relief from this combo, it doesn't work for everyone.

And even in cases where it works, it's been known to suddenly stop.

So, when it comes to knee pain caused by osteoarthritis, I generally recommend a natural form of collagen called UC-II that is more effective at protecting whatever cartilage you have left... and even restoring some of what you've lost.

For even more protection against colon cancer, don't forget the basics: A diet low in sugars and refined carbohydrates will stop the tumors from forming and prevent recurrence if you've already had it.

In addition, the omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil can cut your risk of colon cancer by 41 percent.

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