Urgent new warning for blood thinner patients

You could take a med for years without a problem.

Then one day... out of the blue... BOOM.

You're in the back of an ambulance -- not because of a health problem, but because of a MEDICATION problem.

When you're back on your feet, you might ask your doctor why he didn't warn you about that risk.

And if he's honest, he might even tell you the REAL reason: He didn't know about it himself!

Yes, my friend, the mainstream knows very little about the side effects of common drugs -- and even LESS about what happens when you mix two or more together!

Now, new research exposes the ugly truth about what happens when you take a pair of drugs together -- and they're two drugs that are almost certainly being taken by someone you know right now, especially if they have an irregular heartbeat.

Turns out the blood thinner Pradaxa, already a notoriously dangerous drug, is even WORSE when you combine it with certain cholesterol-lowering statin drugs.

Overall, taking Pradaxa with either lovastatin or simvastatin will boost the risk of bleeding by 40 percent in atrial fibrillation patients, when compared to taking Pradaxa with other statins.

This is pretty serious business, since Pradaxa packs a monster bleeding risk even WITHOUT throwing a statin into the mix!

The risks of Pradaxa are SO big, in fact, that its maker had to actually create an antidote to stop it.

Imagine that! First, they sell you the drug... and then they sell you ANOTHER drug to stop the first one... before it kills you.

In any other line of work, that would be called extortion!

The study didn't find any increased risk with other statins, so naturally docs are already trying to get patients to switch to those instead, claiming they're perfectly safe.

But I wouldn't take any comfort in that.

Until we see more research, I'd say the jury's still out. Even if they don't pack the same bleeding risk, mixing these drugs with a blood thinner could spell bad news in other ways.

In most cases, you don't need to choose between one statin and another, because you don't need to take ANY drugs AT ALL for cholesterol! You can bring your levels right where they need to be with some basic lifestyle tweaks.

Just move a little more, and eat a little better.

If you have atrial fibrillation, in some cases you may be able to work with a doctor on using natural ways to thin the blood so you can cut back on or eliminate meds altogether.

But even if you do need a blood thinner, Pradaxa may not be your best choice.